Using Minecraft to Practice Volume

Any time I can connect learning to something my students already like, student engagement immediately goes way up. This activity lets students practice their volume skills by finding the volume of the creeper. Apparently, there are people who have actually taken the time to find the equivalent length of a Minecraft block in real life. I used this as the basis for my measurements, but adapted them slightly to make the task more doable. This link will take you to the Google Slides I created. It is VIEW ONLY, so you will need to click “FILE” and then “MAKE A COPY.” This will give you your own editable copy to adapt for use in your classroom. I’d love to see what adaptations you make!

Book Review: How “Math in Practice” Transformed my Teaching

Chapter 6, lesson 1. Chapter 6, lesson 2. Chapter 6, lesson 3. This is what my lesson plan book used to look like for math. Sure, I differentiated, used small group instruction, and retaught as needed, but there was very little thought put into HOW to teach the lesson. I used manipulatives as appropriate, created interactive notebooks, had math centers for reinforcements and enrichment, and utilized technology for support. However, the reality is that my primary instruction left something to be desired. Despite the fact that I was a math major my first two years of college, math quickly became my least favorite time of the day. I dreaded the monotony of standing in front of the room, modeling and guiding students through problem after problem, only to have the majority not grasp the concepts taught. I knew I had to find a better way.